Why we do what we do

This blog has been very much inspired by the work of Nik Marks at the Centre for Wellbeing which is part of the New Economics Foundation. Happiness and Wellbeing are fundamental to our pupils’ success in school and in life and essential if schools are to turn out young adults ready for not just the world of work but able to cope with all that life is going to throw at them. Happiness and Wellbeing will give them the resilience to cope. Through the positive reinforcement of the Gallery and the twitter feed I hope to encourage pupils to enjoy the new learning experiences of school. The ability for their friends and family to be able to see and read of their successes increases the bond with school and contributes to efforts to make school part of the community. The ‘5 ways to wellbeing’ which Nic Marks identifies as leading to a happy and fulfilled life are:

Connect – with family and friends (I am going to include ‘others in your community’ too)

Be Active – exercise, dance, find a hobby which keeps you fit

Take Notice – of changes around you or things you have not noticed before

Keep Learning – a day when you haven’t learnt something new is a day wasted

Give – be charitable with your time, with your money or in the activities you undertake

Through this blog and the other activities we undertake in this department, we will strive to make the Happiness and Wellbeing of our students central to our ethos. We can’t do everything but we will do our bit.


Any suggestions for this blog or comments on what we have done so far will be more than welcome.



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