BTEC Art and Design

BTEC Level 3

You should watch these (link to BBC blog) programmes on BBCi Player.  The series is called Romancing the Stone and it is about British sculpture. Click here for the iPlayer link.

David Hockney on the BBC

Check out this link to listen to David Hockney talking about landscape art. It would have been a great one for the ‘Moss’ assignment but not too late to add something about it if you need to improve your level.

Entertainment and Arts on the BBC

Above is the link to the BBC arts page. It is useful to check in on a regular basis because they often cover the latest news from the art world such as exhibitions, winners of art competitions and the latest about what some artists are getting up to.

Graffiti artists set for facebook windfall

Above is a link to an interesting article for public art.  You need to talk about contempoary issues.  This is one example.

Secret street artist gets Oscars recognition

Russia’s answer to Banksy

The link above is about Pavel 183 – it shows how street art can be pretty powerful if you have got something important to say.

Irlam Fit City Art Project

Mark Mennell – public artists who visited our school.

Videos below are from when the artist Mark Mennell visited our school to talk about the Public Art project for Irlam Fit City.  The first is when the sixth formers asked questions.  The second is when Mark showed a powerpoint and explained how he became a public artist and the type of work he does.

Year 11 BTEC Art and Design Certificate

Click here for the information contained in the Options Booklet – options booklet info)

This is an Edexcel qualification. It is equivalent to 2 GCSE passes. A ‘pass’ is equivalent to 2 ‘C’ grades, a ‘merit’ to 2 ‘B’ grades and a ‘distinction’ to 2 ‘A’ grades.

This qualification will give knowledge, understanding and competency needed when considering entering employment in the Art and Design sector.There are 2 Core Units plus a specialist unit.  The 3 Units are linked together into topics/theme.  Pupils have the opportunity to produce a personal response in a wide variety of media and techniques.

Pupils are expected to develop and extend classwork in their own time.

The sketchbook is an integral part of the course and should be used in class and in personal study time.  All pupils must fulfil  the pass tasks before progressing to the merit tasks.  Merit tasks must be completed before progressing to Distinction tasks.  All pupils have a record of the tasks in their project booklets.  Their copy contains important notes to guide them on personal tasks.

For the first of two year11 projects click on the link below.

 Wierd and Wonderful – format for year 11 only

Proteus – info and Images for Ernst Haeckel

Ernst Haeckel’s work – enlarged images

Vivid Ceramics – Catrin Mostyn Jones

Resources for Word and Image

Teesha Moore’s Web Pages

Lynne Perrella’s Web Pages

Resources for ‘That’s Funny’ – Street Art (Banksy Art)

Wooster Collective

Banksy Web Site

How Parents Can Help:
Parents can assist by taking an interest in their child’s work and requesting to see the sketchbook when pupils are working at home. It is helpful if pupils have a small range of their own materials in their portfolio. Also, a general awareness of the world of art, craft and design trends enhances and supports your child’s study.

First Project of two for Year10 (sept 2010)


Weird and Wonderful – forms, shapes and patterns in ocean life

The following is an assignment brief and a list of tasks which fulfils the pass criteria.  The project description gives greater detail and an up to date assessment of progress. Each student has a copy of the project description with their work journal.

Click here to download the assignment for Weird and Wonderful begining September 2010.

Wierd and Wonderful 2010 – 11

Using images to show the meaning of words.

Using images to show the meaning of words.


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